DRMTLGY 24-hr Acne Serum

I had the opportunity to try out a DRMTLGY product for their skincare campaign! DRMTLGY makes medical-grade skincare products, and I decided to test out their 24-Hour Acne Serum which was featured in Elite Daily. When I’m stressed out, I break out. For the past couple of weeks, my acne has been stubborn due to stress. I tried multiple products, but my skin was not responding much to anything. This serum has already reduced redness and acne in just three days. It contains benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid, which treat acne and improve scarring. Check out my before and after picture below!

My Skin Type

My skin type is a combination of normal and oily. It is mostly normal, but if I am outside in the sun, or it is later on in the day, my face is more on the oily side. My acne the past few weeks was so bad due to stress. I have never had an issue with breakouts before and when I began to, I started to become more stressed out and break out more.

Day 1:

After washing my face and applying toner, I put the serum on.

I only used a little bit the first night since the acne serum contains benzoyl peroxide, which helps fight acne. My skin is sensitive, and I wanted to see how my skin would react at first.

I noticed my face was a little itchy on my jawline before going to bed. I was not worried about this because I expected my skin to react to the serum. This is normal because I was getting used to the product on my skin.

Day 2:

When I woke up the next day, I noticed my face was a little dry.

After washing my face and applying toner, I put on face moisturizer and made sure to cover my whole face. I could see in just one day how it dried out acne and reduced a bit of redness.

At night, I did the same thing as I did the night before and applied just the right amount to cover my face.

Day 3:

My skin was not dry and did not feel like it did before. When I looked in the mirror, I could already see a notable difference. My acne had reduced dramatically, and so did the redness.

I washed my face in the morning and made sure to apply moisturizer again.

I sincerely recommend using this product if your acne has been stubborn or you have acne scarring! The formula is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. If you’re worried about how your skin may react, ask your dermatologist to see how much and how often they recommend to use for your skin.

If you use DRMTLGY products, which one do you use? I think I’m obsessed after trying this product and need recommendations!

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