How to Transform Your Mindset in Just One Minute

Whenever I got burnt out from studying, I would either lie in bed and watch Netflix or take a nap. I seriously did not realize just how effective it can be to take one minute out of the day to breathe.

At the moment, I am currently studying for my finals. The amount of clutter in my brain is overwhelming!! I am sure some of you can relate to the feeling.Β 

Keep calm, because I have a simple trick for you. Try out this simple yet effective exercise!

Relax your shoulders, sit up straight, and rest your eyes. Then, focus on your breathing and let everything in your mind escape just for a minute. Take the time to arrive and be present.Β 

You can be in bed or sitting out in public, the location does not matter. Just sit back, relax, and breathe.

In many cases, I will be bouncing my leg or thinking a mile a minute. After doing this exercise, I am calmer and aware of my surroundings. Personally, I work more effectively after I take a minute to pause.Β 

It was hard at first because I was constantly nagging myself about how I did not have enough time to sit for one minute and breathe. I found that guided meditations helped me focus more so than just closing my eyes and listening to silence.Β 

One app I downloaded is calm. There are choices to pick from, some including a meditation guide for sleeping and one for anxiety.Β 

You can also use your laptop to access the meditation guides atΒ

This simple trick is life-changing. When I am stressed, I remind myself to breathe. There are times where I do forget, but a quick reminder on my phone has me back on track.

Let me know how helpful this tip is for you!Β Comment below or go to the β€˜Contact Meβ€˜ section on my blog.

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