Her Campus College Fashion Week NYC 2019

Her Campus had its annual College Fashion Week in NYC this past October 5th. The #RealRunway models exhibited Primark’s latest collection and the hottest trends.

I spoke to different women from diverse backgrounds, and it was pleasing to come together and converse about our commonalities.

As you can tell, this event is truly inspirational. I can’t wait to attend next year!

When we got to the entrance, my friend and I signed in. We walked through the door and received gift bags. Every section had unique setups and activities to enjoy.

There were free customizable t-shirts, tables with more gifts to take home, and an adorable DIY flower box.

Her Campus College Fashion Week also had stickers and merchandise for sale. Waterbottles, wall decor, and keychains were availble also to purchase.

After walking around for a bit, the show began. The women, ranging in appearance and age, strutted the runway in Primark’s newest collections.

The Primark collection included a 90’s grunge attire, featuring biker shorts, fanny packs, and edgy t-shirts. It was inspirational to see these women, ranging from size and height, display the hottest trends.

If you are interested in attending Her Campus College Fashion Week next year, go! The tickets were $20 each, but entirely worth it. Totaling up the experience, gifts, and photos, in my opinion, was a steal for $20.

Hope to see you there next year!

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