FALL in Love With These 5 Nail Polish Colors

When it comes to determining a nail polish color, I am instantly stressed out. It is comparable to the anxiety I feel when I have an exam I hardly studied for. Dramatic, right?

I never seem to know which color looks better, or what the difference is between two similar colors.Β I usually stick to neutral colors because it matches most of my clothes; however, I do enjoy going bold from time to time.

These nail polish colors will surely catch eyes this fall. If you want to show off your nails when sipping coffee or need some color inspiration, read on!

1. Essie’s On the Bright Cider ($7.20, LookFantastic)

This polish is part of Essie’s fall color themed collection, which if you have not checked it out you should! This softened orange is a great choice when you want to test a bold color but stay neutral at the same time.Β 

2. Butter London’s Ta-Ta ($18, LookFantastic)

When I think of neutral, my mind immediately goes to pink or beige colors. If you are a fan of white nail polish or think similarly to me, try Ta-Ta! It brings a steel tone to basic white nail polish. I do consider it to be partly bold as well since the idea of neutral typically leans towards warm and darker shades in the fall. This one is definitely on my list to try ASAP.

3. Chanel’s Le Vernis in Washed Denim ($28, Nordstrom)

Comparable to Butter London’s Ta-Ta!, Chanel’s Washed Denim adds a tint to a gray color. The cool tones add a pop of color towards an unnoticeable color, making your nails noticeable for the season in the best way possible.Β 

4. Dior Vernis in Rouge 999

Don’t think I forgot to add this timeless color. This classic red is a fall favorite of many. Some tend to go for more of a darker or muted color, but this bright red will be sure to make heads turn. Rouge 999 is perfect for Autumn and is a great choice when you want to dip your toes into bold colors (pun not intended!)

5. Tenoverten’s Jane ($18, Amazon)

This cruelty-free polish is iconic for the fall season. If you dig neutral shades and need inspiration for your next polish change then try this. The creamy color will work well when the leaves begin to change color, adding some balance.

Did you try any of these colors out? Let me know what you think!

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