My Summer Obsessions

I have seen these trends in town and all over social media.
I am currently obsessed with them, and I hope you are now too!

Crochet and wick bags

This is probably my absolute favorite trend this summer. It gives off a beachy and boho vibe. These bags are great for the beach or if you are going out to brunch.

This one is from Nordstrom Rack by Lucky Brand, $29.97


This trend has come back this summer, and I am all about it! Kimonos are a fabulous addition to any outfit if you are looking to dress it up. They are also great as a cover-up when you are going to the beach!

I just ordered this one from Amazon, $8.99

Strappy heel sandals

These used to be popular back in late 90’s/early 00’s, and have resurfaced. These sandals are adorable and comfortable! Whether you prefer the strappy or simple style, they are a must have this summer.

Easy to walk in, these are from Lulu’s

Belt bags

The fanny pack has resurfaced! Only this time, it’s trendy. Big name brands have been experimenting and selling their own renditions, such as Coach and Tory Burch.

One website that has different cute designs is Madewell.

What do you think of my summer obsessions? Let me know below which one is your favorite!

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